Mark Ashley Bell

25 Mar 2015

Revo SuperConnect Review

I recently picked up a Revo SuperConnect DAB/Internet radio, as a replacement for an old clock radio. I couldn't find many useful reviews online while I was browsing, so I thought I'd briefly share my experiences with it so far.

Revo SuperConnect

After a month of daily use, here's my list of pros and cons:

Things that are good

Things that are not as good

Overall though, I wholeheartedly recommend the SuperConnect. It's pricey (at nearly £250), but it's definitely worth the money if you'd like a radio which will make just about any kind of input you throw at it sound great. I bought a refurbished one directly from Revo on Amazon, which knocked about £30 off the price.

If you're the curious type and would like more detail, I'd suggest checking out the manual on the Revo site before you make a purchase.

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