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02 Aug 2021

Shooting yourself in the foot with the C# default literal and nullable

I'm writing this so you don't go through what I just went through.

25 Jul 2021

Reading the raw request body as a string in ASP.NET Core

This seems like it should be trivially simple... but isn't. There are a number of gotchas, all explained here.

15 Feb 2021

Check the status of multiple Git working copies with Powershell

How to check the status of every Git working copy in a folder, and return information about untracked/uncommitted changes.

07 Nov 2020

Copying files modified between two dates with Powershell

How to copy a subset of files from one folder to another, filtering on last modified date.

01 Jul 2020

Local GitHub repository backups with Python

How to back up all your GitHub repositories to your local computer, using Python and the GitHub GraphQL API.

22 Jun 2020

Handling errors with specific error types and C# pattern matching

Improve your application's error handling by creating specific types for error cases.

10 Aug 2019

Local GitHub repository backups with Powershell

How to back up all your GitHub repositories to your local computer, using Powershell and the GitHub GraphQL API.

06 May 2019

Rolling database backups to Dropbox with Powershell

Automating SQL Server database backups using Powershell and the Dropbox API.

02 Feb 2019

Getting the first and last day of a week or month with C#

Extension methods for determining the first and last day of the week or month a specific date is within.

26 Sep 2016

Helping The Next Developer: Readable C#

A few tips for writing C# code which explains itself clearly.

26 Mar 2015

Election 2015: Manifesto Mining

Creating word frequency illustrations from the 2015 election manifestos.

25 Mar 2015

Revo SuperConnect Review

A review of the Revo SuperConnect DAB/Internet radio.

30 Sep 2014

Building a simple Google Chrome extension

In this example, I walk through creating a simple extension for Google Chrome which grabs the title, url and any selected text from the current page.

12 Mar 2014

Automatically converting tabs to spaces in Sublime Text

A Sublime Text plugin to automatically convert tabs to spaces when a file is opened.

21 Dec 2012

IntelliJ IDEA: Fixing "Permission denied: connect" Errors

An issue with some older Cisco VPN client software means IntelliJ IDEA will throw connection exceptions when trying to perform online actions. Here's how to fix it.

04 Feb 2011

Creating a simple Stopwatch/Timer application with C# and Windows Forms

A basic pattern for creating a stopwatch/timer application in C#, which is slightly trickier than it sounds…

17 Nov 2010

Portable Git for Windows: setting the $HOME environment variable to allow complete portability (including SSL keys and configuration for use with GitHub)

There are a few issues which make Portable Git not quite as portable as it could be. In this article, I explain the gotchas and walk you through creating a tweaked Portable Git for Windows install which is truly self contained.

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